Raspberry Pi

Several libraries and tools are available for use with VMX-pi.

These tools allow lower-level and higher-level robotics applications to be developed, and also include a large toolkit of tools, services and libraries useful for robotics software development.

  • Getting Started on Raspberry Pi provides guidance on configuring your Raspberry Pi correctly to work with VMX-pi, based on your usage model.
  • The VMX-pi Hardware Abstraction (HAL) Library provides low-level access to all VMX-pi functions on a Raspberry Pi using C++, Java, C# or Python.
  • The VMX-rtk Robotics Toolkit is a suite of pre-configured software for building robotics applications including tools and libraries for ROS and FIRST FRC.
  • The VMX-pi ROS Node allows ROS-based robotics applications to access VMX-pi capabilities either directly from the host Raspberry Pi, or remotely across a network.