VMX Robotics Toolkit (VMX RTK) is a collection of key software libraries, applications and services, pre-installed onto a Raspberry Pi Buster (Raspbian) OS image.

VMX RTK was specially designed to streamline the process of building an intelligent ROS robot or a FIRST  FRC motion/vision coprocessor.

VMX RTK can be purchased pre-installed onto a 32GB micro-SD card, or can be built using open-source scripts.   This SD Card Image includes the Raspbian Stretch Linux Operating System, and is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model 4B, 3 (both B and B+ editions) and the Raspberry Pi Zero/W.  Since the process of building the image can take over 6 hours to build and verify and requires constant internet connection during much of that time, we encourage you to purchase the pre-formatted SD card to save yourself time and trouble.

VMX RTK is comprised of the following components:

Raspbian StretchRaspberry Pi Debian-based Linux operating system and desktopLatest Raspberry Pi OS; includes Java, C++ and Python development tools and environments
MonoC# Development Tools and EnvironmentEnables .NET programmers to build Robots
ROS KineticRobot Operating SystemIncludes core and desktop packages
xGalagaClassic Console GameEven Robotics Engineers need to have fun sometime!
EclipseIntegrated Development Environment for C++ & JavaEnables writing/debugging code directly on the Raspberry Pi
VMX-pi ROS NodeNetwork Access via ROS to all VMX-pi functionality Requires VMX-pi circuit board
VMX-pi HALAccess via C++, Java, Python and C# to all VMX-pi functionality from the host processorRequires VMX-pi circuit board
OpenCVVision Processing LibrariesIncludes C++, Java and Python bindings
WPI Network TablesNetwork communication with RoboRIO for FRCIncludes support for C++, Java and Python
WPI CSCoreAccess multiple cameras, configure camera settings, acquire images and stream video HTTP stream(s).Includes support for C++, Java and Python
Mjpeg-streamerStreams video images over NetworkUsable on a FRC competition robot, subject to FRC port restrictions
NTPNetwork TIme Protocol ServerUsing VMX-pi Real-time Clock (RTC), can distribute time of day to synchronize multiple processors