The VMX Robotics Controller transforms a Raspberry Pi 4B into a reliable, real-time Robotics Controller or Vision/Motion Processor with embedded IMU & CAN-bus interface.  VMX-pi plus Raspberry Pi can perform both real-time robotic control and higher-layer Robot Position Tracking, Drivetrain path-planning and kinematics-based control –  remotely accessed via Ethernet, Wifi or Bluetooth.

The VMX Robotics Controller is the heart of an intelligent robot, and includes software libraries, example code and many more features.

VMX also makes a great Vision/Motion Coprocessor, especially when combined with the VMX-rtk Robotics Toolkit.  And the VMX CAN Bus connectivity provides an easy way to monitor a robot CAN Bus.

Super-charge your robot:

  • Switched-mode Power supply for Raspberry Pi and external devices, including under-voltage management and over-current/short-circuit protection
  • 30 Digital IOs and 4 Analog Inputs including circuit protection against over-voltage, and locking connectors for many functions
  • Digital Communication Interfaces including CAN, SPI, I2C and UART
  • navX-technology 9-axis IMU enabling Motion processing features including Field-Oriented DriveAuto-balanceAuto-rotate to angleCollision Detection and more
  • Network Time Server w/Battery-backed Real-time clock for synchronizing data and logs on distributed networked robot controllers

Additional Key Features:

  • Write code directly on the VMX Robotics Controller:  Functions either as a standalone Development System (via Raspberry Pi inputs for keyboard, mouse, HDMI monitor), or can be used with a remote development environment
  • Easily connect to sensors:  Breakout boards are available for easily connecting to the Sparkfun QWIIC Connect System family of I2C sensors.

Power up with WPI Library Programming:

WPI Library Robot Programming support on the VMX Robotics Controller allows FRC-compatible robots to be developed using the same tools and libraries in C++ and Java that are used with FIRST FRC Competition Robots.

Educate with the FRC Trainer Robot:

Studica and Kauai Labs have partnered to power the FRC Training Robot – a complete, powerful, compact, mobile FRC-compatible robot great for the classroom – with the VMX Robotics Controller. Check out this blog post which describes the features and benefits.