Raspberry Pi Power Management & Communication

  • Switched-mode power supply for Raspberry Pi (up to 2.1A, enough to power many USB-connected devices)
  • Conforms to Raspberry Pi “HAT” specification for tight integration w/Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B and Raspberry Pi Zero/W
  • High-speed internal communication between VMX-pi realtime IO controller and Raspberry PI host enables high performance
  • Automatic current-limiting ensures Raspberry Pi is powered even when external devices (or short-circuits) exceed current limits

External Device Power Management

  • Selectable 5V or 3.3V Power Supply for external sensors and devices, up to .5A
  • Voltage Translation for signals to/from 5V and 3.3V external sensors and devices

IMU with Sophisticated Motion Processing

  • High Accuracy, Low-latency Yaw, Pitch and Roll Angles, w/update rate from 4-100Hz
  • Orientation Quaternions and Gravity-corrected Linear Acceleration
  • Tilt-compensated Compass Heading
  • Automatic Accelerometer/Gyroscope Calibration
  • High-sensitivity Motion Detection
  • 9-Axis absolute heading w/Magnetic disturbance detection

30 Digital Interface Channels

  • A total of 30 digital channels, each configurable for multiple functions at 3.3V or 5V
  • CAN 2.0b, SPI, I2C and UART interfaces for communication with external sensors and devices
  • Breakout boards for easily connecting to the Sparkfun QWIIC Connect System family of I2C sensors.
  • USB Interface allows IMU data to be simultaneously transmitted to remote USB-connected devices
  • Digital Outputs support PWM Output for controlling motors and servos
  • Digital Inputs can also be used for Interrupts (handled on the Raspberry Pi) and PWM Capture
  • Hardware-based Quadrature Encoder decoding

4 Analog Interface Channels

  • 4-channels of 12-bit digitized analog data
  • Analog Triggering and on-board Oversampling/Averaging engine

Synchronization Support

  • 1-microsecond resolution system clock for timestamping of sensor data
  • Battery-backed Real-time Clock (RTC) allowing use as a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, supporting ROS data synchronization and accurate log timestamps

Intelligent, Secure Packaging

  • Locking connectors for Power, CAN, Digital Communications and Inputs
  • A custom enclosure can be created with a 3D printer using provided Enclosure design files, or purchased online

Easy to Use

  • Power cables for connection to battery and standard WallWart Power supply provided
  • Additional connection to external devices (configuration/calibration/monitoring PC) via user-provided USB-micro Cable
  • IMU orientation flexibilty allowing mounting in horizontal, vertical and even upside-down configurations via Omnimount
  • Tools for Magnetometer calibration
  • Available Raspberry Pi SD card images with pre-installed toolstreams and sufficient storage for large amounts of acquired sensor data