VMX-pi Tools for Windows provide several useful tools which help update VMX-pi firmware, configure the real-time motion-processing algorithms, perform advanced calibration of the Magnetometer.

These tools are not required to use VMX-pi, but can be useful in certain situations.   Kauai Labs recommends all VMX-pi customers install the VMX-pi Tools for Windows.


Additionally, VMX-pi Tools for Windows includes the navXUI user interface application provides a simple way to visualize the data provided by VMX-pi.

Configuration/Calibration Tools

VMX-pi software includes several tools for magnetometer calibration and advanced configuration.  These tools run on a Windows PC and communicate with VMX-pi via USB.

NOTE:  The Configuration/Calibration tools are provided for use by advanced users; please carefully read the tool descriptions before using them.

Installing/Running VXM-pi Tools for Windows

  • Make sure Java 7 (version 1.7) or Java 8 (version 1.8) is installed on your computer. The 64-bit version of Java is recommended.  To tell which version of java is currently “Active”, open up a command window, and type this command:
java -version
  • Download the latest build and unzip the contents to your local computer.
  • To run the various tools, VMX-pi must be connected to a PC running Windows by connecting the VMX-pi micro USB connector to a PC USB connector.
  • Run the setup.exe program, which will install navXUI, as well as all necessary device drivers for communicating over USB with VMX_pi, as well as some additional tools.