Technical Specifications

The navX-MXP circuit board and official firmware provide inertial and magnetic measurements, with a range, accuracy and update rate as described on this page.

Note that certain performance specifications are only valid after a start-up Gyroscope/Accelerometer Calibration period, during which time the navX-MXP circuit board must be held still.

Additional details can be found in the navX-MXP datasheet.

Electrical Specifications
Voltage: 5V DC
Current Consumption: 50 millamps
Communications Interface: USB, TTL UART, SPI, I2C
Power Connector: USB and/or 5VDC/GND Pins on MXP Connector
USB Connector: USB Mini-B
Performance Specifications
Startup Calibration Period: 15 seconds
Gyro Sensitivity: +/- 2000 degrees/sec
Accel Sensitivity: +/- 2 g
Magnetometer Sensitivity: 1.3 Gauss
Yaw angle accuracy: ~1 degree of drift/minute
Yaw angle accuracy (when still): ~.25 degree of drift/minute
SPI/I2C/USB supported Update Rate: 4-200 Hz
TTL UART supported Update Rate: 4-80 Hz
Digital Motion Processor (DMP) Update Rate: 4-200 Hz
Magnetometer Raw Update Rate: 4 Hz
Magnetometer Angular Accuracy: 1-2 degrees