Installation_IconPlug-n-play:  navX2-MXP – just like the “Classic” navX-MXP – is designed for rapid, plug-n-play installation on a National Instruments RoboRIO™, making it easy to install and integrate onto robots including a FIRST FRC Robot.   navX2-MXP and supports plug-n-play installation onto an Android-based FTC Robot.

Orientation:  Tips and tricks for ensuring navX2-MXP measurements are aligned with your robot, including the new Omnimount flexible mounting feature.

I/O Expansion:  In addition to sophisticated motion processing, navX2-MXP also provides analog and digital I/O expansion on a RoboRIO.

Flexibility:  To allow flexible customization, navX2-MXP also supports several alternative installation options as well as several communication options, providing flexibility when integrating with other components.

Enclosure:  To protect an installed navX2-MXP, an enclosure is available – which can be either purchased, or printed on a 3D printer using open-source design files.