Creating an Enclosure

The navX-MXP circuit board contains sensitive circuitry, and should be handled carefully.

An enclosure is recommended to protect the navX-MXP circuit board from excessive handling, “swarf”, electro-static discharge (ESD) and other elements that could potentially damage the navX-MXP circuitry. The enclosure can also help prevent accidental shorts to ground which may occur on the MXP Expansion I/O pins.

Build vs. Buy

Those who prefer to print the enclosure using their personal 3D printer, an enclosure design file (in STL format) is available in the “enclosure” directory of the latest build.

Those who prefer to purchase the enclosure can order it from Shapeways (which takes approximately 2 weeks to deliver), or at the  Kauai Labs store if you’re in a hurry. The price including shipping will be approximately $20, depending upon the type of material used.

Design Files

The enclosure design files include:

  • navx-mxp.skp: Sketchup 3D Design File for the navX-MXP circuit board
  • navx-mxp-roborio-lid_v4.skp: Sketchup 3D Design File for a lid-style enclosure for the navX-MXP circuit board. Note that the design file scale is 1000X actual size, so will need to be scaled down by a factor of 1000 before printing.
  • navx-mxp-roborio-lid_v4_scaleddown.stl: STL Format File for 3d printing the lid-style enclosure for the navX-MXP circuit board. This file contents have been scaled to their actual size.

Printing and Customizing the Enclosure

The Sketchup (.skp) files can be edited using Sketchup Make. Then, the files can be exported to a STL format using the Sketchup STL Import/Export extension. Finally, these exported STL format files can be opened and 3d-printed using netfabb.

Securing the Enclosure

The Lid Enclosure can be secured to the RoboRIO by two #4-40 3/8″ screws. This will secure not only the Lid, but will also secure the navX-MXP circuit board.