FIRST FRC Vision Processing (Java, C++, Python)

The FRC Vision “full_processing” example is available in the following languages:

The “full_processing” example demonstrates all key aspects of a competition Vision co-processor application, including:

  • Configuring and Acquiring data from a USB Camera
  • Saving video to Raspberry Pi disk
  • Streaming video from USB Camera to Dashboard (before processing)
  • Streaming opencv-processed video to Dashboard (post-processing)
  • Acquiring VMX-pi IMU and Timestamp Data and sending to RoboRIO via NetworkTables
  • Overlaying IMU and Timestamp Data directly on the Video
  • Easy integration of a GRIP-generated Pipeline

NOTE:  FIRST provides additional instructions to generate GRIP Pipelines.  After generating a custom GRIP pipeline, replace the pipeline files in the “full_processing” example with the custom pipeline.

The “full_processing” example – and many others – are available for download from the vmx-rtk-examples github site.