Linux Library

linux-icon-28178A library for accessing navX2-MXP and navX2-Micro (as well as the “Classic” navX-MXP and navX-Micro sensors) from Linux is available.  This library was developed by Alexander Allen of FRC Team 900 (Zebracorns) and supports the USB interface.

The navX-sensor Linux Library is useful for integrating with video processors such as the Raspberry-PI and the Jetson TK1 and TX1.

To use the library, you can checkout the source code with Git.  Online help is also available.

Getting Started

After checking out the source code with Git into a directory on your Linux OS, compile the library using CMake.

The file Timestamp.cpp demonstrates how to integrate the library into your application; you will need to identify the Linux serial port name to use, as follows:

  AHRS ahrs = AHRS("/dev/ttyACM0");

Sensor data values can be retrieved after the completion of the AHRS constructor.