LabVIEW software library and example code for integrating SF2 into a RoboRIO Robot is available. This library supports navX-MXP and navX-Micro.

To use the library, you can download the latest build of the libraries, or you can checkout the source code with Git. 

Getting Started

Before getting started, ensure you have LabVIEW 2016 or later and the latest FRC Updates.

After running the SF2 setup program included in the latest build, the SF2 LabVIEW components will be installed and can be accessed within LabVIEW via the WPI Libraries Third-party Sensor palette, as shown below:

Next Steps

Once the SF2 LabVIEW components are present on the SF2 tool palette, the next step is modify the LabVIEW robot application to incorporate features like those in the Video Processing Latency Correction Example.